All our flowers are grown on the farm . We are now PLASTIC FREE on all postal flowers, This is to help save the planet, we hope you agree.  SAVING SOME 100,000 PLUS SINGLE USE PLASTIC PIECES Don't forget what you see is what you pay, includes FREE POST and packing no hidden extras!

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Plastic Free Scilly

Plastic FREE Flowers


This is to help save the planet, we hope you agree

Thank you


Isles of Scilly Flowers made a number of changes earlier in the year to their business practices in an effort to remove as much single use plastic as possible. They were concerned that this may have been negatively received as the cut flower industry has come to rely quite heavbily on single-use plastic products. However to date there have been no complaints and customers are very happy.

  1. Isles of Scilly Flowers no longer put their bunches and bouquets in plastic sleeves; the plastic sleeves have not been replaced with another, the flowers are sent 'naked'.
  2. Isles of Scilly Flowers no longer include 'food' with their cut flowers as they feel the amount of plastic waste created from these little sachets is not worth the possible slight increase of longevity of the flowers.
  3. Isles of Scilly Flowers have removed plastic based tape from their wrapping and packing; choosing to use a plastic free mounting tape instaed.

These three actions alone have meant a reduction of more than 100,000 pieces of single-use plastic for Isles of Scilly Flowers during an average year.

Dear Francis, Chris and Jenny, Just a line to thankyou so very much for the fantastic flowers that you sent me recently (as a gift from Dave) The perfume completely filled the house as the blooms opened up to such a wonderful display, and they really were lovely. Many thanks again, - very best wishes and love to you all (especially dear little Daisy - guess she is still as mischievous as ever!)
Joy (and Dave)
Mum is thrilled with your flowers, she is nearly blind and loves the scent. Thank you for making a centenarian VERY happy!
Just a belated note to thank you very much for the Soleil d'Or (or similar) which you sent to me at the request of a friend a couple of weeks or more ago. They are great favourites of mine which you can rarely buy in the shops here these days, and the scent was beautiful as ever. They also pleased the person I share a house with, who has holidayed on St Mary's and it is pretty much her favourite place on earth, though she is no longer able to visit. I thought you might like a note to say that both the lovely flowers and all your back-breaking work was appreciated by us!
Pat Collis, Nottingham
I ordered flowers with fudge today for my Nan, Joyce Parkinson. I just wanted to say what a great service it was and the most beautiful flowers apparently. I will definitely be using you again and will be recommending you guys, as will my Nan and my Mum. Thanks again for making my life that much easier and my Nan's house full of wonderful flowers.
Laura Yelland (Nightingale)
Just to say thank you for a wonderful, prompt and efficient service - Brilliant!
Pat Bason
Hello, A big thank you for the wonderful bunches of 80 narcissi you sent to my friend in Scotland for her 80th birthday. Wonderful service from you and they certainly cheered her up on a wet day. I will tell all my friends about you. Keep up the good work, Best wishes
Helen Prudden